Most Reputable Companies in the World

Insider Monkey has published an article running down the 15 most reputable companies in the entire world. With many years in service, these companies have remained excellent in what they do and produced high-quality products every time. This article will summarize the most reputable companies per sector: 


3M has various products in different sectors, but currently, their manufacturing of N95 respirator masks became a priority because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bosch, the multinational engineering company, has its businesses spread across different sectors such as consumer goods and building and energy technology. Even with more than 134 years in operation, the German company is continuing on with its plans.


There are many companies in the technology sector, and it would not be a surprise to see they have the most reputable companies. This portion is dominated by computer-related and household electronics companies.

Trusted by many professionals, Canon is known for constantly good quality cameras, while Sony, which produces electronics and entertainment systems, is the lead electronics company in the world. 

Microsoft is s known for producing the Windows series in PCs and laptops, while Intel is the producer of the semiconductor chips found in these electronics. Both of those company has high brand loyalty and the continued support in their technology has made the most well-known and trusted. 

Google is a web search engine most commonly used by people. Many have tried to compete with Google, but none have seemed to compare.


Another German company in 15 Most Reputable Companies In the World is the biggest sports company, directly competing with Nike. It has 57,000 employees across the globe at has €20 billion in revenue. Another clothing company on the list is Levi Strauss. A household name almost across the world, brand loyalty has never waivered and also increased their reputable scores in other countries. Finally, outfits cannot be complete without accessories. Rolex’s luxury watches have been in the market for over 116 years already and achieving annual revenues of more than $5 billion.


Owning a sports car is a sign of wealth, luxury, and elegance. Both Rolls Royce and Ferrari are symbols for these and are known to be some of the world’s most expensive cars. These cars are owned by many famous people and are used in professional races like the Formula One. 


Media conglomerate Disney has recently launched their own streaming platform Disney+ which is expected to have millions of subscribers. Disney would serve as a competitor for Netflix. However, with the increasing production of original Netflix series and movies and acquiring more content for their platform, Netflix is not slowing down. 


This toy company was established in 1949 and is one of the most reputable companies in the world. While it not only caters to children anymore, some coveted Lego sets and collectibles can cost up to more than $500.

To read more see each companies’ revenue, head on to Insider Monkey’s 15 Most Reputable Companies In the World


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