Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills

Utilities such as electricity, water, natural gas, internet, and cable TV are expenses incurred automatically as part of our daily lives, so they are often not the first thing we consider when thinking about trimming expenses. As customers are burdened with heavier electricity bills each year, it is unsurprising that companies like The AES Corporation, UGI Corporation, and CenterPoint Energy, Inc. are waxing stronger in stocks. Moreover, natural gas companies such as Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation and Antero Resources Corporation and cable TV companies such as Altice USA, Inc. also demand heavy monthly payments from their users. 

Insider Monkey discusses The 10 smart ways to cut your utility bills, starting with removing wastage. The simplest and most obvious solution to cut utility bills is to reduce the wastage of utilities. Another practice that takes hundreds of dollars off electricity bills is using still water instead of running water. Another smart way to cut utility bills is to use natural light for indoor lighting. Moreover, rearranging furniture such that the light would not get blocked by more oversized objects guarantees that more light would enter the house. Mirrors reflect light up to 100% if they are placed to face the direction of light sources, making the indoors light up while lessening electricity bills.

Furthermore, having smart thermostats means that the air conditioning systems can be controlled remotely and adjusted according to your day-to-day schedule. Due to technological advancements, motion sensor switches are readily available to customers. Motion sensor switches reduce the amount of electricity wasted by lights being left on, purposely or accidentally. The technology works the same way by stopping water from flowing through motion-sensing showerheads if a person is not present under the showerhead for any amount of time. Instead, the wise option is to opt for services like Netflix, Inc. Additionally, the same streaming services can be used on smartphones and tablets without extra costs. For more details on saving money, read The 10 Smart Ways to Cut Your Utility Bills.



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