The Latest Cryptocurrency: Adults Only

Has it ever crossed your mind you could be getting paid for watching porn? Yes, you read it well. That’s exactly what Stuart Duncan, the CEO of Vice Industry Token Inc. has in mind.

The revolutionary new cryptocurrency is just round the corner. The deadline for all the partners to apply is 1st July, so there are a few months left for all those who are interested in trading with VIT (Vice Industry Tokens). After you get over the initial surprise, let us explain how the whole system is supposed to work.

In a nutshell, the users of the website are going to get paid in vice industry tokens for watching adult content online (the content is provided by the mentioned Vice platform, of course). Apart from watching the videos, one could earn tokens in similar ways by posting comments, sharing the material, or uploading their own content. Logically, a question arises: should the platform users be knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies in order to get paid? The answer is plain and simple: absolutely not! You must admit most people don’t care about where or how the money is coming from as long as it’s coming their way. Therefore, understanding the blockchain technology is regarded as totally unnecessary and its users can be completely ignorant of the whole blockchain building process, and yet continue adding to their cryptocurrency balance.

Pixabay/ Public Domain

While the idea of VIT will certainly raise a few eyebrows, the genuine concept is quite simple since it’s a recipe that has already been used in a different area. Steemit and its way of using a steem cryptocurrency to encourage bloggers served as the main inspiration for Duncan.

Naturally, in order for any currency to be of some value on the market, it has to be able to get you some goods or services. Otherwise, it’s considered worthless. Vice Industry Token Inc. have several ideas up their sleeve. The tokens earned could give you an access to some extra material or enable you to interview your favorite adult movie star. As we have mentioned before, the search for prospective partners is still open so we have yet to see all the possibilities. Penthouse has already volunteered and it is full of praise for the original and futuristic idea, but there are no restrictions limiting a potential partner to belong to a certain industry.

To summarize, this idea could prove to be very, very lucrative. It’s hard to predict whether the VIT will become more powerful than the Bitcoin. However, neither Bitcoin was much promising at the very beginning, so no one can tell what the future holds. One thing is for sure, though. The adult movie industry is rarely discussed in public, but its audience is enormous. Actually, the internet would have hardly caught on if there hadn’t been for this content to be sought online. Therefore, we can only suppose the Vice Token blockchains are going to be built with astonishing speed.


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