Top 10 Emergency Medicine Residency Programs In America

What are the top Emergency Medicine Residency Programs In America? If you are planning to study medicine and are looking for the best Emergency Medicine Residency Programs In America, you have landed on the right page. You can go through our list of the best emergency medicine residency programs in America and decide which one would suit you the best. Emergency medicine is not a field to be taken lightly as it requires expertise and loads of training. The practitioners must be able to withstand the pressure and be able to take decisions that might save the patient’s life. The emergency room doctors need to be pleasant, capable, and with the ability to make the patients feel at ease. Mastering the bedside technique is a great bonus point! A doctor who’s skilled in medicine along with being able to react with a patient in a friendly manner is the one who can perform wonders. The best residency programs should offer both of these.

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Doximity is a network of doctors working across America. This network is half a million strong on numbers. We used this source to rank the emergency medicine residency programs. Residency Navigator is a tool that you can find here which helps the students to find the top residency program in their preferred specialization. Here, more than 52,000 doctors and physicians nominate the residency program they feel is the best in a survey. This is specific to each department. We selected the programs that made to Doximity and cross checked them with those that made it to the Start Class. To rank them in the fairest way possible, we averaged out the ranking from both the sources and used them to rank.

The University of Southern California, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and Los Angeles County Harbor – UCLA Medical Center are some of the top Emergency Medicine Residency Programs In America. The University of Southern California houses many patients who are suffering from different and severe problems. Hence, the residency program here tends to be a bit more intense. This helps the residents gain experience into extreme emergency scenarios which can prepare them for their career. In their senior year, the residents will have full clinical responsibility. This exposure will no doubt help them in becoming the best physician. The residency programs by University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and UCLA Medical Center are great too! Check out the others on this list to know more.

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