Top 10 States in Turkey Production

Although Thanksgiving is still far away and you might be more interested in reading about some cruise, some of you might also find interesting reading about top 10 states in turkey production.

There is no Thanksgiving without the home-made, stuffed turkey, am I right? According to the research recently done by Insider Monkey, around 46 million turkeys are eating on Thanksgiving only, while Americans are trying out different dishes on each Christmas and Easter, which is why the number of eaten turkeys is reduced on these days to 22 million on Christmas and 19 million on Easter.

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Since Americans are the biggest consumers of the turkey meat, it is obvious that the US is far ahead in producing turkeys as well. According to the data collected from the Poultry Site, the total turkey production industry was 5.63 million tons heavy by the end of 2012 and the US was responsible for counting down around 2.6 million tons by itself, which increased the economy of the US for $5.45 billion that year. Other countries that had a successful year in the turkey production industry were too far behind – Germany recorded 0.56 million tons, Brazil 0.51 million tons, and France 0.45 million tons that year. So, if Americans can be proud of something in the agricultural industry, that should definitely be the turkey industry.

The main source that was used for compiling the list of top 10 states in turkey production was the United States Department of Agriculture. The research team found they yearly Production and Value report that contains information about the number of turkeys raised in each state, the weight of produced turkey, and the value of production expressed in million dollars.

If this list was made last or the year before that, even without the deep research, Minnesota will be the first ranked. But, due to the decrease in turkey production in this state, North Carolina officially became the state that produces the most turkey in the US and the industry is increasing each year. According to the research, the number of turkeys produced in 2015 was for 2.5 million turkeys higher than in the previous year, which means about 95 million pounds more. As the result, the value of the turkey production industry in North Carolina was increased for $150 million in only one year. According to the nowadays data, the turkey industry in North Carolina is now worth $884 million.

To see the full list, visit Insider Monkey and read top 10 states in turkey production.

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