Top 10 Stocks For Investment

The global and stock markets are witnessing end of the year 2020 and investors are optimistic about the end to coronavirus during 2021, which means the corporate income will increase globally. The performance of stocks during 2020 was not encouraging. Only a couple of companies including Berkshire Hathaway and Alphabet were deemed as returning companies. Due to poor economic activity globally, investment in the stock market did not look much profitable and investors already predicted that the situation will not improve during the days ahead. Several new companies have emerged for a potential stocks’ buyout. These companies include Coca-Cola, Newmont, Merck and Apple. It is better to analyze the financial situation closely in the backdrop of COVID-19 vaccine availability. The vaccine is no doubt a sigh of relief for the business community. Once every country receives the vaccine, the economic situation will start improving and still things will take time to be at pre-COVID-19 position. This article provides good insight about the right Top 10 stocks for investment amidst downward trends in the stock market as shared by Insider Monkey.

On 10th position of the list is Alphabet, the parent company of global tech-company, Google. It is a group of companies that include several operations like, cloud computing, android and YouTube. This company is also considered a pioneer of developing autonomous vehicle technology.

It is anticipated that for 2021, the share price of this company is likely to be somewhere around $62.

Apple ranks 9th on the list and is all-time favourite for 2021. During 2020, the shares increased 74% to all-time high at $128. According to Analysts, the company is a world leader in market value with $2.2 trillion in shares. The company’s stock price value is expensive because the price has increased manifold due to concurrent product cycles of its various gadgets including iPhone 12. Sources have claimed that Apple administration is pondering to boost production of iPhone 12 during the first quarter of 2021 by 30%.

Also, Macbooks of Apple have gained popularity due to increased work-from-home concept during the pandemic. The company introduced a newly-designed M1 chip for its Mac series. Sales witnessed an upward trend of all its products including the Apple watches. Do you like the information and want to learn about more companies? Visit 10 Best Stocks to Invest In Right Now.

Top 10 Stocks For Investment

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