Top 10 U.S. Cities with The Highest Murders in 2020

If you don’t want to get into trouble you should leave the top 15 U.S. cities with the highest murders in 2020. Insider Monkey’s latest article is not only thrilling, but edifying, too. Top detective say that the burthen of a murder weighs so much on somebody’s soul that it’s extremely hard to bear. This is why „simple” murderers are relieved when they are caught and arrested, because they can confess what they committed. But criminals, such as members of drug cartels don’t fall into this category. These people don’t feel sorry for what they did, and they don’t regret anything. Everyone should avoid them just in case.

And what these dangerous cities? Well, at first here’s Indianapolise with a total of 129 murders this year. It’s followed by Kansas City where 139 murders have happened so far. Dallas is also on the compilation with its sorrowful statistics of 152 murders in 2020. The charming St. Louis is also on the list, where 185 murders happened during nine months this year. Los Angeles is also here, and unfortunately Mexican drug cartles like it as well. What about Houston? Well, Houston can’t be proud of its public order, as 188 people was killed here this year. Baltimore also got its place in the list, and it may be among the most beautiful cities as for the green area per capita, 223 people were killed here in 2020. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love is not too brotherly when it comes to people’s life, as there have been 306 murders up to now this year. New York also show shows its dark side when we learn about being 305 murders in the Big Apple so far in 2020. Unfortunately, Chicago, the city of wind has the saddest spot on the list of the top 10 U.S. cities with the highest murders in 2020, as there have been 524 murders till now in 2020.Chicago is also on the list of the Mexican drug cartels, as they use it as a headquarter to distribute drugs.

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