Top 10 Weight Loss Companies By Revenue

Do you know how much money weight loss companies earned on you even though in some cases you didn’t see any result? Let’s have a look at top 10 weight loss companies by revenue to find it out.

People are doing their best to lose some weight with different products and many big corporations found the way to take the advantage of their suffering. Each of them will give you high expectations and promise you quick and effective results, but, trust me, none of it is true.

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Actually, the only things that you need are a strong will, exercises, and medical control. How is this going? First of all, if you are not determined and get depressed all the time, don’t expect any improvement in losing some weight. Instead of that, you will be gaining even more weight because of it. So just be enthusiastic and reduce your meals. Get the proper nutrition instead of taking different pills and taking the whole chocolate for dinner.
And that all, of course, under the supervision of your doctor. In this period, your body will suffer too many changes so it is very important to have someone to check from time to time if your whole organism is able to keep it up.
And how weight loss companies earn their money? Simply by researching everything their potential consumers need and yell it on the big screen in hope that someone will be naïve enough to fall to their story. As unbelievable as it seems, many people actually believe in those stories, especially before the summer. During the period of cold weather, people are dressing as many layers as they can which makes it almost impossible to figure out their exact figure. But when the summer comes and all tops are off, people start doubting in themselves and start seeking for the best solution to look fit and hot again. These 10 weight loss companies that I am about to present earned around $10.19 billion together only in 2016. Can you assume what companies were those? Those were Ci:z Holdings Co Ltd, Renaissance Inc, Enami Ltd, Town Sports International Holdings Inc, Blackmores Limited, Rizap Group, Koshidaka Holdings Co Ltd, Ardent Leisure Group, Nu Skin Enterprises Inc, and Herbalife that works around in every country in the world, which gave it an increase in already big fortune in 2016 of amazing $4.49 billion.

So let’s see how other top 10 weight loss companies by revenue earn their money on you and what amount of money are we talking about here.

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