Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of 2020

Interested in the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges of 2020? Great! We are here to show them to you. We have brought up with Insider Monkeys article again, which is a must-read. Cryptocurrencies have been revolutional in recent times. As there are cryptocurrencies, there is also need for cryptocurrency exchanges. Actually they are platforms or third-party applications where those who are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies can sell, buy or trade their cryptocurrencies. Not so long ago, cryptocurrencies were inredibly new means of payments, which were used only by the richest people in the world. We have published articles from Insider Monkey about cryptocurrencies and how to mine them so far, these lists are also worth checking out them. Cryptocurrencies are the futures means of payment as according to predictions they will take over the role of the banks in a 10 year-time period.

Now let‘s see what Insider Monkey have investigated for you! The first one is BitMex. It’s among the first Bitcoin exchanges in the world, and as of 2020, it’s the best one. According to Insider Monkey’s investigation, BitMex reached a record of $2 billion in Bitcoin transaction in 24 hours. The second one Coinbase Pro, which was launched 8 years ago, in 2012 in San Francisco. As a matter of fact, its one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe. Coinbase serves you with competitive fees, fast deposit and withdrawal, and many other possibilites. And of course, we can see Binance in the list of the top best cryptocurrency exchanges of 2020. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and it works like an ecosystem, as it includes exchange, wallet, lab, clarity info, etc. At present Binance has a jawdropping number of trading and it offers the best exchanges to purchuse crypto in these days. You can use Binance either via website or an appliaction, too. Both of them are user-friendly. You can earn lots of other arresting information on cryptocurrency exchanges if you read Insider Monkeys entire article.

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