Top 5 Best Fashion and Apparel Stock to Invest In

In this article, we present to you the best fashion and apparel stock to invest in, according to Insider Monkey’s latest article. The triumphal way of the fashion started in the 19th century, when the first labels were sewn into garments, and since then the victory of the fashion world hasn’t been broken. The apparel industry includes companies that design and sell clothing, footwear, and accessories. Product categories comprise everything from footwear, underwear to luxury items, such as snake-skin purses or cashmere sweaters.

The coronavirus pandemic has made a large impact on the market, as these items are non-essential ones, and they are very sensitive for the changes of the market. According to Insider Monkey’s investigation, clothing and clothing accessories sales dropped by 50.5% in March 2020. To decrease the pandemic-caused losses, the sector maximized e-commerce. For instance, Zalando, the Berlin-headquartered firm announced to have a 34% of growth due to e-commerce. The growth of the industry is reported to increase, although investing in these stocks need some experience, as people during economic recession, tend to decreased spending on apparel.

And not let’s see the  best fashion and apparel stocks to invest in tracked by Insider Monkey. On the fourth spot there is Cintas Corporation with 38 hedge funds, and a total value of hedfe fund holdings of $741 million. Cintas Corp is involved in uniform rental services; first aid, safety and fire protection goods and services and restroom cleaning in the United States. Under Armour, Inc. stands on the second spot with 48 hedge funds and a total value of hedge fund holdings of 846 million. Under Armour operates in athletic shirts, shoes, and accessories and game-changing sports apparel. The company has signed an agreement with  Southampton FC to part ways lately. If you are interested in more information and would like to check out the entire article, please click and see the best fashion and apparel stock to invest in.

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