Top 5 Countries with Biggest Gay Populations

If you are interested in the top 5 countries with biggest gay populations, you are at the best place as we are discussing this topic today, since Insider Monkey recently published an interesting article about it. During the human history judgement of being gay was different. For instance the ancient Greek army included gay soldiers, as their advertisement said: „come to the army and take your lover, too”. Then, centuries later being gay was considered a shame and they were sentenced to death. As to that, there are lots of countries even today which gay people are not recommended to visit or else they can die. These countries are mainly Muslims, as Sharia laws make it possible to execute those who are caught gay acts. While other countries don’t make any differencies between people, such as the Netherlands. This country is famous for being accepting towards others, and we could already read decades ago, that consuming marijuana was absolutely accepted here. Generally we can say that Europe holds its place according to accepting gay communities, same sex marriages and same sex couples adoption. But I think you won’t be surprised which country tops this compilation. Keep reading, and you will get to know!

And what countries can be found on the list? Well, there’s Malaysia. It’s rather controversial, as being a Muslim country, you can spend 20 years imprisoned, but yet there are 3 million of gay people, although Malaysia has a population of 32 million. South Africa is also on the list, and it’s considered a really progressive country as it legalized same sex marriage and even adoption for these couples. I think nobody is surprised that we can Thailand here. It’s a very progressive country in every aspect. Brazilian people are very easy-going, and this country is among those that have the best homosexual laws. And the United States is also present here, as according to Insider Monkey’s investigation, there are 15 million gay men in America. For any further arresting information, please click the top 13 countries with biggest gay populations.

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