Top 5 High Paying Dividend Stocks

Everyone has different viewpoints regarding investing. Some individuals concentrate on day trade through which they can sell and buy stocks within a day. Whereby some other individuals give preference to swing trading in which stocks are held by the investors for some time to gain additional gains from value increase. Apart from these are dividend stock investors who are earning capital gains along with receiving regular dividend payments. While growth investors are concentrating on those firms which are prioritizing re-investment along with growing organizational assets through asset acquisitions or purchasing shares of other firms. Dividends are the revenue fraction that the firm distributes amongst shareholders. One of the methods of availing benefit of the dividend firm is to concentrate on those companies which are offering dividend stocks with high yield. According to a post by Insider Monkey related to our theme of Top 5 High Paying Dividend Stocks:

“Very high yield dividend stocks are generally unloved stocks that are going through rough times. However, it is important not to dismiss these companies worthless investments that are on the brink of doom. Companies that pay high dividends are sometimes high dividend stocks because they are unjustifiably punished by the markets due to temporary headwinds. Some of these companies may deliver large capital gains over the coming quarters and their dividend yields fall back to “normal” levels.”

In the list of Altria Group Inc. is at 5th position. Some of the biggest US-based cigarette companies are owned by Altria Group, including John Middleton, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, and Philip Morris USA.  The highly popular tobacco brands of Altria Group include Black & Mild Skoal, Copenhagen, and Marlboro. The annualized dividend paid by Altria Group is $3..44 with a yield of approximately 8.37%.  Enterprise Products Partners is on the 4th position in the list whose headquarter is in Houston, TX. This is also another Pipeline and MLP stock with high dividend yielding. This firm is offering services related to midstream energy, comparing the gathering, processing as well as storage of gas. The stocks of EDP fell in 2020 by around 30% because of which the company announced to ramp up buybacks. The annualized dividends of EPD at present are valued at $1.08 with an annual yield at 8.90%. 

This is not the end, you can head to 15 Very High Yield Dividend Stocks Worth Checking Out for reading more dividend stocks on the list.

Top 5 High Paying Dividend Stocks

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