Top 5 States For Human Trafficking In America

There aren’t too many more terrible things in the world, than face with the top 5 states for human trafficking in America. But yet, it’s necessary to pay attention Inisder Monkey’s latest article, as it is about a real danger in our world. Slavery didn’t disappear, it just put on another gown and showed its other face. Human trafficking is the modern slavery. People are bought and sold like animals, many times for only a couple of bucks. Many time an 8 weeks old puppy is more expensive than these poor victims, and there is no help, no hope and no escape for them. Children or young people are sold by their own families just to have a few dollars to buy things they need for their everyday life. Or young women fell in live with men, about whom they don’t know that the men are traffickers in the real life. These bastards show their charming face at the beginning, and when the woman is in love they force the victim to be prostitutes. The victim are often so horror-stricken because of being threatened that they don’t dare to ask for help.

Therefore all of us have to help, if we are a witness of a case like this. We mustn’t pass somebody when she asks for help, we mustn’t close our eyes and think it’s not our problems or somebody else will solve this. No. We are there, we need to help, we need to do something in order to save the victim’s life. Naturally, we don’t have act directly, but if we call the authorities, they will help. There are hotlines where we don’t need to tell even our names, or we can just leave a message with the matter of fact. This is so little, but it can save life. Then we can continue our life, go on with shopping or finish our ice-creams in hand. But we know, we have just saved somebody’s life. But what are the worst human trafficking states in America?

But now let’s see Insider Monkey’s results. On the fifth spot you can see Texas with 1080 reported cases in 2019. Next Ohio is on the compilation, followed by Georgia and California. And at last Florida has a sorrowful stats, it’s on the first spot and perhaps in these minutes while you are reading this article, somebody is kidnapped or sold by their family. For more information, skip to the 5 worst human trafficking states in America.

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