Top 9 Most Valuable Automakers And Automobile Brands

All those, who are environmentally conscientious and like beautiful and valuable cars, will welcome our compilation of the top 9 most valuable automakers and automobile brands. We have come up with Insider Monkey’s latest artcile about this topic. For a long time, the automobile market was controlled by only a few participants. Consequently if a new player wanted to slice a piece of pie, they weren’t in an easy sitauation. But later on the market chenged as innovative companies such as Tesla have grabbed a part of the growing market, as it mainly focuses on  autonomous driving and what’s more important electric cars. However when it comes to the sales volume and revenue, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSL) still hasn’t been able to catch up the other players on the market.

But as for its stocks, Tesla has had a glamorous rise recently, as it increased from just $220 per share in June 2019 to $1,000 in June 2020. According to Insider Monkey’s research, its revenue in 2020 is predicted to be at about $31 million, nevertheless we must remark, that COVID-19 pandemic will surely influence the sales of Tesla as well as other automakers’ this year. However the pandemic will affects all the markets in every industry, and as the predictons say the crises will last long. An interesting fact is that the shares of General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor Co (F) have fallen around by 30% this year, Tesla stock has over doubled! Presently, Tesla is worth more than Ford, General Motor and Volkswagen combined.

The other automaker, the Japanese Toyota (NYSE:TM) is presently worth $174.76 billion, while Volkswagen’s value is just $78.43 billion. The German behemoth owns famous and popular brands, such as Bentley, Ducati, Audi, Lamborghini, Audi, and Volkswagen. It sold an amazing number of 10 million cars last year, which is remarkable considering the emissions scandal in the year of 2015.

The next automaker, the Italian Ferrari (RACE) is the only company on this list that offers expensive, low-volume business models. Actually, the company sells only 10,000 cars annually. But due to the pricing power, and brand image, its profits are in the sky. It’s world-wide known that this company produces some of the most expensive cars in the world.


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Most valuable automobile brands in 2020

According to Insider Monkey’s research, we can see that Tesla has an outstanding 64.9% growth in brand value compared to the year of 2019. Yet, it was not enough to get into the top ten. Actually, it’s not surprising, but Mercedes-Benz is on the first spot, owned by Daimler. Since last year its value has increased from 60.3 billion to $65 billion. BMW, which is a strong competitor to Mercedes-Benz, has a brand value of $40.48 billion.

Unsprisingly, Toyota is on the second spot with its $58 billion brand value, and it can boast with a 11.1% increase this year. Volkswagen is third after the two big brand, with its $44.9 billion, while Nissan had a 4.5% decline this year compared to the last one. Swedish brand, Volvo has increased with an amazing 20.3% to $16.91 billion.

This was our compilation about the top 9 most valuable automakers and automobile brands, we hope you enjoyed it!

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