World’s 10 Largest Telecom Companies By Subscribers

World’s 10 largest telecom companies by subscribers are the ones having between 200 million and 900 million subscribers, which means that they cover almost the half of the world by themselves.

Telecom companies are connecting people worldwide via the internet, fixed-line connections, and, of course, mobile phones. All of these companies are working in certain areas and each operating system has its own way to go. On the Insider Monkey, you can currently find two main articles related to telecom companies: the one that I am about to present and 10 largest companies in the world by revenue. It is important to know that the number of subscribers doesn’t reflect on the company’s revenue.

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As you will eventually see, there are only five matching companies on these lists and those are Telefonica S.A., which is the Spanish telecom company with about 276.45 million users by the last countdown in Europe, Asia, South, North, and even Central America. With their Internet and television services, and landline and mobile operations, it is now worth around $52.4 billion.
There is also China Telecom Corporation Limited, which operates as the third-biggest telecom company in this country with 218.52 million subscribers. In the same time, for its E-Surfing, E-surfing Navigator, E-surfing Flying Young, E-surfing E Home and being one of the leadest mobile and wireless broadband company, it is, according to the last database, now worth $52.7 billion.
The third one is America Movil SAB de CV that earned on their service about $56.3 billion and, the proof of their good service are 280.57 million satisfied customers.
As expected, Vodafone Group Plc also found its place on both lists. Besides its basic services as voice, message, and data networks, this company also acquired Kabel Deutschland, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, and Ono in only 2 years. And even with these acquisitions, the company is still worth $64.5 billion and has 469.7 million satisfied users.
Can you guess which company took the first place after mixing both lists? If you thought AT&T Inc, which offers the best and the widest service in the world, and even kids know that it has the highest revenue in the world, you were wrong because, even with the revenue of $146.8 billion and the 1st place on the list of 10 largest telecom companies by revenue, the number of their subscribers is a lot lower than 200 million. This is probably because AT&T operates only in 2 countries- the US and Mexico. Maybe, when it spread its roots in a couple of years, Insider Monkey will edit their list a bit, but so far, the telecom company that took the 5th place on the list of 5 that have both higher revenue and a high number of subscribers is China Mobile Ltd.

If you want to know how and why, visit Insider Monkey’s original list of world’s 10 largest telecom companies by subscribers. If you have a bit more time, it might not be such a bad idea to check their list of 10 largest telecom companies in the world by revenue as well.

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