11 Best Insurance Companies to Invest in 2017

Insurance companies happen to be a good investment, which is why is important for everyone to get familiar with 11 best insurance companies to invest in 2017.

Every market is fragile, including the insurance and it is rather obvious that the time for this industry is going to change drastically under the Trump’s government.

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The health insurance is the most important segment of every person in the world. This is why there are so many countries that either reduce or completely cover the medical expenses. For example, when we talked about retirement in Netherlands, we discovered that, although every person is responsible for their medical costs for short-term care, the government decided to take care of all the expenses when it comes to the long-term care.
On the other hand, there are countries like Serbia, where the long-term care for the individuals seems to be the responsibility of the whole nation, government and politicians excluded. Nowadays, many young people are more than 3 months late with starting their treatment because there is a big deal collecting enough assets for it. The way of funding their treatment is by waiting for people to get on their feet and become human. Each school has the donation box, each store as well, while young people are throwing parties where all the money from selling tickets goes to that person’s fund. As funny as it seems, but the most frequent way is SMS donations.

But what is all this has to do with the US health insurance companies? During the Barack Obama’s leadership, the Obamacare (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) brought many reforms with itself that increased the health care insurance companies’ number of subscribers. Under this reform, more than 80% of the US residents were covered by either private or public insurance.

These days are almost over because, soon, the Trumcare is starting the market. Under those terms, it is expected that around 23 million people will lose their health coverage by the end of 2026 because of the different assessments. It is expected that the government will reduce its spendings on the public health insurance, while the bill for older and people with low-incomes are going to be increased. Of course, due to the lack of financial resources, the majority of these people would lose their insurance policies and be left without the medical care. This can’t lead to anything other than the increased death rate, which would slow down the US and make more people be against the new government. But Trump seems to know what he is doing. Or he thinks that he knows. Or he simply doesn’t care. Who would know? But the bigger question is, which insurance company to choose now? Insider Monkey did a bit of a research on this topic and, according to their results, these are 11 best insurance companies to invest in 2017.

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