10 Cheaper, Better Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing

Do you know 10 cheaper, better mailchimp alternatives for email marketing? In the world of email marketing, Mailchimp owns a large chunk of market share: 45.62% to be exact. This percentage “represents the number of websites using Mailchimp divided by the total number of websites using any known technologies in the email marketing category.

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of communication between a service provider and those who use that service or product. As email usage is widespread and accessible to everyone, it is used as an ideal solution for promotional activities. ActiveCampaign offers great services to all sorts of businesses. With the price starting at $9/mo for 500 contacts ($70 for 10,000), it has a variety of price plans. iContact has to be on this list also. Price start at $28/mo for 1,000 contacts. $67.15 for 10,000 subscribers, (less than $75 charged by Mailchimp). Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in the form of sending promotional email messages to the target population. The reason why you should choose the target population is precisely this thin boundary between simple notification and spam. It is this fact that points to the great advantages of this marketing model as well as the unwanted consequences that can occur if it is not dealt with appropriately. Many factors participate in this marketing model, from the target population through the way in which email is written to a good estimate. But we also need to keep in mind that this Internet marketing technique is in the first place and by rating and by use. Quality business communication by email means a previously obtained license. The user voluntarily agrees to receive messages of different content at his address. Such a business communication system is called marketing based on a given permit, that is, Permission marketing. Given the far-reaching consequences of the occurrence of spam is precisely the application of this model to initiate users receive messages that are important for them because if you are not interested, they will not sign up to receive marketing messages to your email. The low price of electronic communications has its advantages and disadvantages, as it is in our interest to send messages quickly and easily to the furthest places, there are also hundreds of thousands of advertisers who want to send messages to our workspace. There are two marketing systems that email, good and bad. As in the real system, bad marketing brings with it far-reaching negative consequences in the business of the company. In the case of the Internet, the system of spam and poor marketing activities is called spam.

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