10 Largest Organizations Which Originated In Silicon Valley

The connection between tech and Silicon Valley is in existence for many decades and this field was also the focus or center of the particular dot com bubble from the years between the 1990s to 220s. This dot com bubble is referring to a range of speculations on the IT companies, resulting in an increase in prices to a great extent within a short time duration as the usage of the internet is increasing day by day. This resulted in an increase in NASDAQ by around 400% before declining sharply, leading to huge losses for speculators and investors. 

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in depression as well as recessions in all parts of the world as lockdown orders have been placed in most of the countries for avoiding the spread of deaths and cases. The majority of the sectors and industries suffered which further lead to increasing the level of uncertainty and unemployment. And while this has also influenced the tech industry, because of manufacturing issues and global supply chain issues, the tech sector is still in a position to observe few success levels and has not experienced entire closure, unlike other sectors. One of the key advantages available to these tech companies was that the workforce can work through remote channels easily, something that individuals in the manufacturing industry could not, and therefore, while functionings were influenced, this was not as adverse as this could have been. We have been writing this post by referring to the post shared by Insider Monkey related to 10 Largest Organizations Which Originated In Silicon Valley

According to Insider Monkey:

“The biggest companies that originated in Silicon Valley have revenues which cumulatively are worth nearly $800 billion, while their profits are close to $170 billion and assets are worth more than $1.35 trillion. Furthermore, these companies are incredibly valuable which is why their market value as at March 2020 exceeded $3.57 trillion, which is incredible. These companies also provide direct employment to 877,000 people while providing indirect employment to millions more.” 

The first company that we have listed is Nvidia which is a tech company and AI-based company that is primarily making GPUs. There are 13,774 employees working inside the company and the total revenues of the company are $10,918 billion. The next company on the list is Adobe. This is amongst the biggest software organizations across the globe and is popular for Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Acrobat Reader. There are 153,328 employees working in the company and total revenues are around $11,171 billion. 

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10 Largest Organizations Which Originated In Silicon Valley

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