10 Largest Telecom Companies in The World by Revenue

The development of telecommunication technology in the last three decades has created preconditions for quality and fast data transfer between physically separated devices, so have you ever thought about what are the largest telecom companies in the world by revenue? Telecommunications was disrupted by mobile innovation in the 1990’s, followed by the advent of internet based communications like video calling and chatting.

Telecommunications are the field of human activity that deals with the transmission of messages between two or more users in remote locations, usually via electrical signals. One of the largest telecom companies in the world by revenue is Telefonica S.A. The company has a market value of $49 billion and has revenues of around $52.4 billion. With a presence in 21 countries, Telefonica ranks tenth in the list of largest telecom companies in the world regarding income. One of the biggest leaders in the field of telecommunications is also China Telecom Corporation Limited. The company’s mobile and wireless broadband subscribers amounted to 197.9 million and 113 million respectively at the end of 2015. Do you know what British telecom company is also on the list of the largest ones that have more than 400 million customers around the world? Early forms of telecommunications include smoke signals and drums. Drums were used in Africa, New Guinea, and South America, while smoke signals were used in North America and China. In the Middle Ages, the towers of the towers on the hills of the hill were used as a way to transmit the message. Such a transfer had the disadvantage that only one sign of information could have been expelled. One of the well-known examples of such notification was during the attack by the Spanish Army in England when a series of towers pulled a signal from Plymouth to London. Already in the 18th century, signals of traffic lights and heliographs were used as one kind of telecommunications. Today, the term telecommunication in the narrow sense implies data exchange with the use of electrical engineering, electronics, and other modern technologies. The first telecommunication services in that sense were telegraphy and telephony. Even before the emergence of modern computers, there were remote-controlled processes for the propulsion of various machines. Telecommunication services are an integral part of today’s infrastructure. Therefore, their development is the task of society.

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