10 Sickest Disturbing Things You Can Find on the Deep Web

Do you know what the deep web is and what the sickest disturbing things you can find on the deep web are?

I don’t know how tech-aware you are, but all the data you can find online by using your browser is only 4% of the World Wide Web content. The rest of 96% (7.9 zettabytes that are around 7357448339458.5 gigabytes) is the hidden content that can be seen only with some browsers and systems such as TOR (The Onion Router).


Pixabay/Public Domain

So what is behind these closed hidden doors? Have you ever gave a thought about all the people that were arrested for owning some content on their PC? For example, people that owned the children’s pornography. Yes, getting children’s pictures is easy. Every stock photo website own thousands of pictures of young children that are ready to be downloaded. Social networks as well. Every other parent has their social network profile unlocked and on a plate for every person living on the planet Earth. This means that those cute girls who tried their mom’s clothes for the first time and struggle with high hills while their proud parents are taking the best-filtered photo to post online can be the next target.

But let’s face it, who on Earth would post videos with children’s pornography online? And where do those people find it? And how come no one is shutting down their websites?! Well, just because someone is psycho, pedophile, or mentally damaged in any other sense, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are stupid. No one will make the public website where you could see minor’s nudes. So where are those videos? The Deep Web! And the worst thing is, no one is trying to stop them!

You can find anything you want on the Deep Web! You can buy/sell drugs, you can trade people like slaves, you can order a murder, watch children’s pornography, watch animal-people pornography. No, I am not joking. These things are available for anyone who finds the access to the Deep Web.

But just because you have never posted any nude photo of you or your child, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t compromised as well. As I said earlier, everything you have ever posted online is there. You can delete it, you can block it, the Deep Web is keeping it. So, if you have ever checked your bank account and entered your password, both of them are on the Deep Web. This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will hack it down and use your credit card to buy themselves a brand new car (face it, their name would be on the lease, and they don’t want to risk it), but it doesn’t mean that your password is safe. Your ID number is also available for every person on the Deep Web. But if you think that this is the worst thing that can happen, check out the 10 sickest disturbing things you can find on the Deep Web and prepare to be shocked!

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