10 States with The Lowest Number of Physicians per Capita

You might think that medical care industry is on the rise and that there are too many doctors for so low number of open job places, but we will reassure you now with 10 states with the lowest number of physicians per capita.

Healthcare organizations worldwide had made great efforts in the last couple of years to raise awareness among the people in the medical field. They tried to consult them to take care of their health, quit smoking and drinking, start eating healthy and do some exercises, and do the occasional checkups with their doctors. Luckily for the whole nation, they succeeded in the last couple of years. The number of smokers and alcohol addicts is reduced, there are far less people eating junk food, which made the organic food industry rise from the ashes as people are now all green and natural, but there are also long waiting lists at the hospitals.

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Unfortunately, while doing these conferences, no one could even imagine what kind of boom this would be and some of the states didn’t even consider recruiting more staff. According to the World Health Organization, the minimal number of clinical staff in every hospital or private practice is already known. But, while some states are overfilled with physicians seeking for the new job openings or at least the chance to work as a volunteer, some states are in a big lack of physicians. Whether it is because the state by itself is concentrating on aiming new generations towards other industries so there are no more physicians available in the country or because they are in a lack of money to pay off more medical staff, the results are the same. There are too many citizens for so small number of active physicians.

Is it acceptable for some state as Mississippi to have only 184.7 active physicians per capita, especially with their medical records? First of all, Mississippi’s life expectancy is the lowest in the whole US with only 75 years. The second, the obesity rate is rather high, 35.6% and hypertension rate is even higher, 42.4%, which makes Mississippi the second worst state in both of these fields. And with the diabetes rate of 14.7% and only 60% physically active citizens, the government should really ask themselves if this way of living really acceptable or the number of employees in healthcare should be a bit upper. Let’s face it, it is all up to them.

If you would like to get some more information about this topic, click on 10 states with the lowest number if physicians per capita.

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