11 Best No Wi-Fi RPG Games for Android

If you don’t have wi-fi access and you have Android, do you know what the best no wi-fi RPG games for Android are? The smartphones became so powerful that they can give a proper experience when it comes to RPG games. Even some of the RPG classics like Baldur’s Gate can be played on the go.

Let’s say you’re planning a long trip. What will you do? You’ll crawl the phone with everything and everything that can help you walk faster. But it’s not lying, just when you bored your window through the window of a bus or a car and say to yourself, “Well, now I could play a game on my phone” you will be frustratingly disappointed when you see that the same game for your launch is looking for you – the Internet. What’s left for you? Or to look through the window again in the hope that something will draw your attention, or to include mobile internet, which, especially if traveling abroad, is not at all cheap. Playing games is fun “work”! We know that some of them “grow old” and do not like to play them as it used to, but always the same instinct to play when the challenge is present. This problem is present when the game is played at once, with several or more people. We offer you a list of the most exciting games in which you should try out with your friends! Just because your phone has a much smaller screen than monitors and televisions does not mean that you are not able to play games on it with your friends. In fact, multiplayer games on Android have largely dispersed thanks to some legendary game titles that have risen over all these years. Even if you are not connected to the internet, there are a bunch of games that can be played in offline mode. Fortunately, there are still developers who create games for which you do not need the internet, which you can play offline. One of the best no wi-fi RPG games for Android is Inotia 3: Children of Carnia. You can have up to 6 classes of characters in your party that will help you on your quest. There are optional items you can purchase as well. Also a free game, Dungeon Hunter 4 will bring you much fun if you like hack’n’slash type of games.

If you want to see what are the best no wi-fi RPG games for Android, check Insider’s Monkey list of  11 Best No Wi-Fi RPG Games for Android and read the rest of the article.

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