16 Most Evil Countries of All Time

Since the US is involved and mentioned in every conflict in the world, people automatically assume that the US is somehow the part of it either causing or trying to bring peace. I believe that I already caught your attention with the headline itself, but, in case the topic by itself doesn’t sound intriguing enough, let me try with this. Although the US is everywhere and mentioned all the time, when I read Insider Monkey’s article, the US wasn’t ranked along with 16 most evil countries of all time. If you think this is impossible, stick with us to find something new out.

To be honest, when someone says ‘evil’ and ‘country’ or ‘tyranny’ in the same sentence, there are always 5 countries that come to my mind: Germany, Russia, China, takenJapan, and Spain.

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During my whole elementary and high school period, I was kind of a history nerd and when it was about time I apply for a college, my first choice was the Political Science. Since I am here, writing, informing, and entertaining, you can assume that my dream of Political Science degree was flushed down the toilet. But the subjects I had to pass in order to apply for it sticks still to my memory. Whenever these countries were mentioned in my handbooks, they were always referred to as countries where dictatorship and authority rule, countries that had strict punishments for misbehaviors and disrespect towards the authority, countries that killed both influencing people and civilians, countries that wanted to rule the world.

For example, genocide led by Adolf Hitler during 12 years towards Jewish people particularly resulted in 6 million Jews’ death, most commonly in gas chambers, but there were many deaths also caused by the forced labor and hunger. Hitler was against everybody and gave himself the right to rule people’s life and the whole world. He thought that he was the one entitled to give and take someone right to live.  During the period between 1933 and 1945 people were afraid to come out on the streets because you never knew whether there was an assumption that you might be Jewish, homosexual, Jehovah’s Witness, Slavs, Romani person, or mentally or physically disabled person. They were usually too busy molesting and harming the ones already sent to some concentration camp to even check all the facts for some person, which is why as soon as they heard something like this about some person, he or she would immediabe takenaway, just for percaution.

To compile this list, Insider Monkey took the number of dead people as the main parameter. If you would like to see the results, click on 16 most evil countries of all time and you will be automatically transferred to the original article.

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