20 Most Visited Websites In The World

Do you know what are 20 most visited websites in the world? Some websites, such as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), are highly addictive. There is an inherent need for people to see how their friends and family are doing. With its 1.8 billion active monthly users and all its pictures and updates, Facebook arguably satisfies that need.

Globalization, the development of the Internet and telecommunications have affected the economy all over the world. Online presence today has become one of the crucial factors of success on the market, regardless of the size of the company or the activity it deals with. By investing in a website, you are no longer restricted to your city or country – Your company is easily and quickly available to everyone in the world. The website is a mirror of the company and can be accessed by anyone with the Internet, regardless of the distance, working hours or the number of visitors. What is your favorite website? How much time do you spend on a computer, a mobile phone and surfing the Internet? Today it’s hard to imagine a day without that one click on the keyboard and surfing the Internet. Web sites have many functions and can be used on different occasions; The website can be a personal, commercial, government website or non-profit organization. Websites can be the work of an individual, business or other organization and are usually related to a particular topic or purpose. Each web site may contain hyperlinks to other websites, so the difference between individual sites, from a user perspective, may be unclear. One of the most visited websites in the world is 360.cn operates in China’s information security field. The website is not particularly attractive, the companies’ services are, and Alexa records that, making the website the 19th most popular website in the world. Number one professional social network/jobs-site LinkedIn.com is the 18th most visited website in the world. On this list is one app that is now one of the most famous in the world. It is Instagram of course. Facebook bought photo sharing app Instagram for around $1 billion in 2012 when the service was just a small outfit with a lot of growth. Several years later, Instagram is regularly used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

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