20 Surprising Facts About Bill Gates’ House: Address, Technology, Taxes

If you are a big fan of Bill Gates, do you know 20 surprising facts about Bill Gates house, his address, facts about technology, and taxes? Gates’ net worth in 2016 was of $75 billion, according to the latest list of billionaires from Forbes. This amount puts him at the top of the list, followed by Amancio Ortega, the boss of Zara.

Bill Gates is one of the most influential and richest people in the world. Microsoft has thousands of patents, of which 9 are registered in the name of Bill Gates. From 1995-2006 Forbes magazine named him the richest man in the world whose capital was 50 billion and in 1999 $ 100 billion. After that, his fortune fell and reached $ 56 billion, putting him in second place, after Mexican businessman Karlos Slim, who is estimated to own $ 74 billion. Magazine Tajm ranked him among the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, and his wife was proclaimed in 2005 as the population of the year for the charity work of their foundation. Bill Gates donated $ 30 billion to people in need and for whom he would like to be part of the future as he imagined. He stated that he did not want the entire wealth to be left only to his children, but that 95% would be given for humanitarian purposes. He would like to use his money for the eradication of major diseases such as paralysis, which he would consider his greatest success. In public, he always tried to create himself and his company a good image, which initially included a young rebel, then a leader of a huge corporation and a big charity. He was aware that he was not perfect and that I could not get him to deal with but focused on what he was interested in. So did you know that gates invested over $60 million in getting this home in the shape it is now, the King County public assessor’s office estimates the property’s current value at $124,994,000? With a property that’s so expensive, taxes cannot be low. Since Gates pays about $1 million in property taxes every year for Xanadu 2.0, that is an understatement. The Gates have access to a great pool measuring some 60 feet. It is housed in its own separate, 3,900 sq ft building and if you go for a dive and swim underneath a glass wall, you will come up to a terrace area outside.

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