21 Cool Computer Tricks and Hacks to Impress Your Friends

Each few weeks we get the notification from our computer system that there is some new update that we should definitely try out. But, since most of us are living very busy life, we usually don’t have time to research everything that each new update brings along. So, today, I give you 21 cool computer tricks and hacks to impress your friends that I found on Insider Monkey and already tried out.

Even toddlers and elderly people mastered the basics of the computer systems. When computer flu began in the late ‘90s even the youngest and most trendy people knew just to turn the device on and off, play solitaire and pinball, play Winamp or Media Player to watch some movie, and maybe use some basics in the Internet Explorer.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Nowadays, people’s life is taken over by these devices and there is maybe one in half of million people that don’t use computer or smartphone. Most of them are 90-year-olds who barely remember how to use regular home phones. And no, I don’t care if I would offend them for two reasons: first of all, this is true, and second that actually proves my point is that they don’t even know how to find this post.

But even my grandparents know how to turn the computer on, play some cards and chest, and they are even familiar with platforms such as Skype, Gmail, and YouTube, and not to even mention chatting and keyboard shortcuts. Say that I am rude, but after they sold their PC I convinced them that most of the apps and websites that worked on their PC won’t work on their new tablet and that the upper boundary is reading the news. Trust me, I don’t hate them, but I cannot repeat everything 4 times in a day and end up doing everything on my own. I still have some exams left, baby to take care of, four dogs, job, and a house to look at. Besides, they only bought it because of these newspaper and pictures, so they are satisfied now.

But I don’t think that any of my friends would be shocked with this kind of updates, especially with all of the new features coming out every day. Some of them are basic functions that you can easily find in your notification box, but these 21 cool computer tricks and hacks to impress your friends will definitely blow your and their minds

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