6 Easiest Free Online Database Software for Small Businesses

Let’s check a list of the easiest free online database software for small businesses. When you start a small business you need the right tools, facilities, software for a reasonable price. If they are free it’s better. Now Insider Monkey has  published an interesting article about this topic in order to help you.

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Every small business should have a way to keep its database clean and organized and, sometimes, that’s best done by choosing a web solution that will take care of every aspect that you need. There are lots of solutions, but you can find free ones, of course.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two software from their list.

The first one is Agile CRM. Aside from the free tier, there are three additional ones – the Starter for $9, the Regular, for $30 and the Enterprise, for $48. Back to the free tier, which can be used by ten users. They all have access to enough space for 1,000 contacts and companies, entries they can customize to their hearts’ desire. They also have access to unlimited deals, tasks and documents, as well as a tool that allows them to make appointments. Users can further manage marketing campaigns from the app, whether that means firing off emails, checking web engagement or checking out analytics. Another feature that’s really cool with Agile CRM is that it comes with a Chrome extension to you can easily have access to most of the features you need instantly.

The second one is Insightly.  They, too, offer multiple tiers for those looking to an easy solution to their business problems. The free tier permits access to only two people. The Basic package costs $12 per user per month, allowing you to automate your customer activity. Next, the Plus package costs $29 per user per month and offers additional support by providing customers with a way to segment, communicate and monitor outreach efforts. The Professional package costs $49 per user per month and adds workflow automation and team security to the mix, while the Enterprise package, which costs $99 per use per month allows users to properly scale your CRM to fit the requirements of the business. The free package comes with loads of features, although it does have some limitations too, such as the maximum number of 2,500 records, or the maximum 10 mass emails you can send a day.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 6 easiest free online database software for small businesses

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