Effective Ways in Managing Personal Finance: The Ultimate Hack to Financial Independence

With your current savings, can you confidently say that you are heading to financial freedom? We understand if you answer no because of the lifestyle that most of us are living in. Plus, with the advancements of technology wherein transactions can be easily done online, it is now hard for us to manage our finances. Balancing your finances could be quite tricky; however, there are ways on how you can succeed in your funds.

  1. Create your budget plan.
    • Combine your accounts and understand your income and expenses. By combining all your financial accounts and sources and knowing your expenses beforehand, it would be easier for you to estimate for your budget plan.
    • Plan your spending money before it arrivesAlthough there is a famous saying, “Do not count your chicken before they are hatched,” it wouldn’t be a good idea not to budget your money before you receive it. Why? This is to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed once it’s already in your hands.
    • Have a detailed financial goal. Having goals will help you persevere more in managing your financial goals. Furthermore, these goals will also help you to have a clearer goal where your finances go.
  2. Monitor your spending.
  • Stick to your budget plan.The main reason why you are creating a budget plan is because you want to make sure you will not go over the budget and save some for your investments. Why create a budget plan if you will not follow it, right?
  • Remove irrelevant purchases.In buying things, always ask yourself the questions, “Why am I buying this?” and “Is this purchase necessary?” It would help you to eliminate things that you don’t need.
  • Understand and control your impulsive purchases.Online shopping, online food stores, and airfare sales are just some of the few temptations that we should try to resist. It’s not easy, but determination and focus can lead you to the right path.
  • Limit your credit card purchases.Use cash when purchasing items and only use a credit card for your expensive purchase. Try not to bring your credit cards when going out to avoid impulsive buying.
  • Pay off debt.Having outstanding debt means the decrease of standard living. It takes a huge chunk from your income. It would be hard for you to balance everything with the debt you are carrying so make sure to pay them off.
  1. Secure your investments.
  • Prepare an emergency fund. We cannot deny that there will be situations that are unexpected and cannot be controlled. It is better to have an emergency fund for these situations to avoid borrowing money.
  • Allot to your savings regularly.Before allotting money to sustain your lifestyle, make sure to allot to your savings first. Make it a habit and be sure to automate it as well.
  • Give 10 to 15% of your income to your retirement fund.Aside from your savings, have a separate account for your retirement. You don’t want to work for a lifetime, do you? It’s better to save for your retirement as well to live a stress-free life.

We do understand that juggling your finances to sustain your lifestyle is quite hard. However, nothing comes easy in this world. If you want to have a worry-free future, find a suitable way to save up for your future. We may never know what stores for us in the future, it’s easier to face it with savings up in your bank.


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