Solar Roadways and Solar Road Panels: Debunked/Busted or A Great Idea?

Imagine McDonald’s equipped with a solar parking lot that will be able to completely stop using the power grid or which is the ideal place to power electrically powered vehicles, so have you ever thought about are the solar roadways and solar road panels busted or great ideas?

Solar roads are a set of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest truck. These solar panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, access roads, sidewalks, bicycle trails, playgrounds, and every surface under the sun.
It can produce cleaner renewable energy than the country uses as a whole. They have many other functions including heating elements, displayed on the route lines and signs. The drive should be safer. Do you know why the solar roadways and solar road panels were invented? The American couple Scott and Julie Brusaw have worked for years on a revolutionary idea to build solar panels that will form the road and replace asphalt. Not only can they replace asphalt roads but also all other surfaces: sports fields, squares, parking lots, sidewalks … The prototype already exists. These are panels of hexagonal shape through which you can drive, park and walk. They came up with the idea in 2006 when climate change was just starting to be accepted globally. The solar panels are glass covered and heated, which is done to ensure that snow and ice do not accumulate in wintery conditions. The solar roadway is an original route that provides clean, renewable energy, while it is safer for driving. It is considered that the solar path will pay off itself by generating electricity. The Solaris roadway is designed to be two-tiered. Below solar panels in the second layer will be installed a power transmission and signal for fast internet, video and other communications. Thanks to the solar roadways we will have a better system of communication and electrical networks. Once we start to use them, without them we will not be able to function, because it will enable us to decentralize, intelligent, self-sustaining the system. Do you know that bustling highway is not an ideal area for solar collectors? Because many cars create a lot of shadows, and this reduces the effect.

If you want to see more about solar roadways and solar road panels are they busted or great ideas, check Insider’s Monkey list of Solar Roadways and Solar Road Panels: Debunked/Busted or A Great Idea?

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