Top Stock Picks From Larry Robbins’ Portfolio

This article is based on the post shared by Insider Monkey ‘Larry Robbins’ Top Stock Picks’. Larry Robbins a billionaire of age 51 is currently facing difficult times as the 13F portfolio of Glenview Capital Management of Robbins has experienced a declining trend in value and reduced by $22 billion during the last 5 years. During the 2nd quarter of the year 2015, his 13F portfolio hit the value of more than $25 billion during its popular Obamacare bets. Mr. Robbins is a middle-aged billionaire who was from those managers of hedge funds who think that the healthcare system of the USA will possibly experience big changes. The 13F stock portfolio worth of the healthcare hedge funds reduced in 2015 and this declining trend was also observed in 2016. However, the stock portfolio of Glenview Capital Management was rebounded in the year 2017 by around 23.4% but again the year 2018 comes as a tough time for the hedge fund of Larry Robbins. The value of the 13F portfolio of Glenview Capital management of Larry Robbins was $3.18 billion during the previous quarter of 2020. Now let’s move to the top stock picks of Robbins.

ViacomCBS Inc. is one of the stock picks of Robbins and is an entertainment and media company. This is considered as the long-running stock investment made by Glenview Capital. The first stake was initiated by the hedge fund in 2013. The company has sold out around 40% stake during the latest quarter for the purpose of capitalizing on the gains in price. Currently, the hedge fund is holding $96.34 million worth of shares of ViacomCBS, which accounts for around 2.80% of the entire portfolio. The dividend yield of ViacomCBS is around 2.75%. The quarterly revenue of the company was $6.11 billion during the last quarter. 

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings is a clinical lab operator and is a newcomer in the stock portfolio of Larry Robbins. The first stake of this clinical laboratory operator was initiated by the hedge fund in the Q2 of 2020. In the latest quarter, around 4% of the stakes were sold by the hedge fund for capitalizing on the price gains of shares. A 23% growth was experienced in the share of the company during the past 6 months. Investors are showing huge confidence in the trends of revenue growth of the company. The year-over-year revenue growth of the company is 44% while the earnings of the company increased by 219% as compared to last year. For other top stock picks, please read the complete yahoo post on Larry Robbins’ Top Stock Picks.

Top Stock Picks From Larry Robbins' Portfolio

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