Top Stock Picks Of Andreas Halvorsen

Andreas Halvorsen is a billionaire who is running Viking Global Investors that has been beating the wider market index in the year 2020 through returning around 25% payment of performance and management fees. Before starting Viking Global, Andreas was working as the director of equities and senior managing director at Tiger Management. He received his MBA degree from the popular Stanford Graduate School of Business. Andreas was taken into account as the hedge fund managers with high-level earnings in the year 2018. The strategy followed by Halvorsen for value generation includes investment in the financial, healthcare, and tech sector that assisted him to gain huge returns year-over-year. Insider Monkey has explained the investment strategy of Andreas as given by him:

“We are stock pickers. We believe that our thoughtful analysis and disciplined valuation over time yield a diversified portfolio of longs and shorts whose stock price developments will deviate from each other and provide a profitable spread.”

As found by Insider Monkey:

“The value of Viking Global Investors 13F portfolio came in at $27.68 billion at the end of the September quarter, up 20% from the previous quarter’s value of $23.14 billion. The hedge fund has increased its number of positions from 71 to 86. The top 5 positions account for 25% of the overall portfolio while the top ten positions represent 40% of the portfolio.”

Let’s start with the list of Top Stock picks of Andreas Halvorsen as reviewed by Insider Monkey. Andreas has developed his huge position in the fiscal year 2020 in a well-known company JPMorgan Chase & Co. He considered the dip in prices of the share as the purchasing opportunity. The stock prices of JPM were under high pressure all over 2020 due to the low-interest rates and the spread of pandemics. This investing firm has started its position in the company in the Q1 of 2020 and further added to this position during the Q3 of 2020. The overall value accounted by JPM in the stock portfolio is around 3.27%

Another stock pick of Andreas is Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. The dipping of share prices of this company is also considered as a purchasing opportunity by Viking Global Partners. Because of lockdowns in the Q2 of 2020, the prices of stocks of Hilton decline sharply. This hedge fund started its position in this company in Q2 of 2020 and added more stakes in the Q3 of 2020. This strategy of buying shares when the price dips works for this hedge fund. The reason is that the share price of Hilton rallied by 50% in the past 6 months. Do want to learn more about these top stock picks along with others on the list? Then, just check out the post “Billionaire Andreas Halvorsen’s Top Stock Picks” by Insider Monkey. 

Top Stock Picks Of Andreas Halvorsen

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