10 Biggest Countries Where Suicide Is Illegal

Yes, it is your life and you can do whatever you want with it, but why suicide? To prevent this from happening, 10 biggest countries where suicide is illegal tried to find a way by sharpening some legal measures to prevent people from giving up and taking their own life away.

Depending on the country, people who try to commit suicide can be either charge by themselves or their family will suffer for their deeds. Of course, if a person succeeded in committing a suicide, the only person who can be charged is their family. But since their family already has a hard time because they lost their loved ones, they should be left out of this. On the other hand, these 10 countries have serious measures for the people that were caught and saved during the act of taking their own life away.

Personally, I respect this decision. First of all, people who decide to commit suicide won’t have a hard time on the other side, but do they even think about the consequences their acts will have on the people who were left behind? First of all, their family and friends will find out that the person who sat there last night with them, sipping coffee and commenting on a football game or the new show, just disappeared. Especially the ones with toddlers. Could they be any more selfish? No matter how hard someone’s life is, it would be a lot harder for their little children to become orphans. They need both parents. They need someone to take care of them. How could anyone not put them in the first place? They are the most important, they are our future. What consequences would it leave on their mental health? Does anyone think about it? As a parent, you are committed to be strong for your children. You are committed to teaching them how to be strong by themselves and how to deal with problems. You are not allowed to teach them how to give up as soon as it becomes hard. And by committing suicide, that’s exactly what you teach them to do. It isn’t fair to them. It is not their fault and they shouldn’t be left alone at the end.

And even if someone doesn’t have children, do they know that their body won’t magically disappear along with their soul? Someone needs to find them dead and how traumatic will that be? Finding someone who was healthy and alive two minutes ago dead on the floor, with pills or blood around him? And jumping off the bridge? There are people with children fishing every day! Come on! Imagine the look on their faces when they found a pale dead body swimming on the surface? Creepy. Would you like to know what some countries do to people like this? Click on 10 biggest countries where suicide is illegal and find out first hand!

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