10 Largest Egg Producing Countries In The World

Let’s talk about 10 largest egg producing countries in the world. A rapid increase in population and per capita income has led to a rising consumption of poultry eggs. This paved the way for greater opportunities in the market for egg poultry breeding enterprises.

Eggs are one of the most common dishes in everyday life. There is almost no dish that contains no egg in it. From pancakes over cakes of cakes and various salty dishes, eggs are everywhere. The production of table eggs is a very demanding technological process that has taken on the characteristics of industrial production in intensive farming. In doing so, the primary biological needs of livestock were no longer considered, but only on the efficiency and viability of production. Eggs belong to the category of superfood as they improve general health and are effective in dealing with excess pounds, and scientists have proved that their limited intake does not increase the total level of cholesterol in the body. They found that eggs, although they have little calories, have a rich source of protein and that they are full of essential ingredients, especially vitamin D, B12, and selenium. The report says that eggs, of all protein sources, are the richest of their combination of amino acids that are crucial for the development of children and adolescents. High levels of antioxidants found in eggs mean that they also help prevent the development of eye diseases. Iron in the egg yolk is adequately iron in the meat. The level of its utilization is extremely high, so eggs are recommended to all those who are prone to frequent anemia. Eggs contain proteins and sulfur, which together restore damaged and dry hair, and make the skin smoothly acting preventively to create acne. For this reason, the Animal Welfare Act prohibits the holding of carcasses in conventional cages, and systems that are much better for the welfare of livestock are forced out.One of the largest egg producing country is Turkey. The Turkish Egg Producers Association is a member of International Egg Commission. Turkey’s geographical location is also an added advantage to export to the other countries. Ukraine in the ninth largest egg producer globally with a 2% share of the total eggs produced. Ukraine exports approximately 5% of the eggs it produces.

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