10 Most Respected and Admired Companies in America

What are 10 most respected and admired companies in America and what feature they can be grateful for this kind of affection? Is it the good service, the great products, the social responsibility? Or might be the good stock value? Or it might be the good price for great quality products.
The criteria for the most respected and/or admired company is different from person to person. Of course, we are always keen to get the better products/service for a lower price, but is that all? Not for brokers. They prefer companies whose stocks can bring them better earnings. And we all prefer companies that gave their higher efforts when it comes to design that should get the product closer to the target audience. Companies that invest more in advertising and promotions, such as free samples, events etc. Companies that get more involved in community, fonds, raising money for less fortunate etc. On the other hand, there are people that are willing to give a fortune just for the brand, no matter the quality of a product. Which ones do you prefer?


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I am always for the quality, no matter the price. Of course, if similar products can be found for a completely different price, I would always go with cheaper, but also for the lower branded. I don’t know why. I think that I like giving the opportunity to the newer and not that well-known companies to prove their value. And, as it turns out, they are sometimes more valuable at the end than some branded ones. And I am always more for some older ones, that were used for decades, and, when it comes to buying things such as food, snacks, and toys for my child, I  always pick the ones I eat and played with when I was a child. I don’t know. I might be too nostalgic, but the truth is that the majority of these products haven’t lost their quality. And which companies do you respect and admire the most?

Too nostalgic or tech-oriented? Lego or Apple? Take your time. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and they are both on the list of the most respected and admired companies in America. Why? Well, because they have it all: quality, name, design, social awareness, great stock value, the whole package. And what about the rest of the list? See all  10 most respected and admired companies in America by Insider Monkey.

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