10 Most Socially Responsible Companies in The US

An important feature of the company is not just the income and the money they make, there is also a significant social responsibility, so do you know which are the most socially responsible companies in the US? A company can be regarded as socially and environmentally conscious when it incorporates social responsibility into its business model. Today multinational corporations have the power and resources which exceed those of small countries.

The business sector inevitably achieves a significant direct and indirect impact on children – as members of the family of employees, local communities, future employees, consumers and business leaders. Consequently, businesses knowingly or unconsciously have the high power to contribute to the well-being and respect of children’s rights or to disturb them. Do you know which are the most socially responsible companies in the US? One of the most socially responsible companies in the US is Intel Corporation. The company fell two positions to the tenth spot compared to the previous year. The multinational technology corporation commits to ethical and legal business, the environment and human rights. The Swiss luxury watchmaker, Rolex, has to be on this list. The Rolex Awards for Enterprise entitles the winner with 100,000 Swiss francs, in addition to access to its network and international publicity. Social responsibility as such a defined concept with a transparent implementation, the first began to be applied by multinational companies that are global players. This does not mean that prior to the globalization of the economy there was no social responsibility, on the contrary, we only come from our companies that exist for several decades – and long before the privatization they were supported by local sports teams, helping schools in their surroundings, However, the “social responsibility” of multinational companies initially meant to stop employing children, and stop polluting the environment in which products and the like. It would say – basic hygiene. In the business of companies that are truly socially responsible, (it is still often not so) it should be assumed that they respect human rights and do not pollute the environment. If that first condition is fulfilled, then we can only talk about upgrades: learning in humanitarian actions and other forms of social responsibility. If we try to define it, social responsibility, therefore, would not only be the support of humanitarian and other socially useful actions and projects but would involve the integration of the company into society in a socially responsible way.

If you want to know more about 10 most socially responsible companies in the US, check Insider’s Monkey list of 10 Most Socially Responsible Companies in The US and find out more about this article.

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