15 Countries with Dictatorships Today (Or on Their Way to Dictatorships)

We live in a 21st century when everything and everyone is spinning around the democracy and human rights, which makes it very hard to believe that there are 15 countries with dictatorships today (or on their way to dictatorships).

Usually, when someone says dictatorship, you think about the period before the 2nd half of the 20th century. You think about Hitler, as one of the latest dictators, who used force to act like the owner and controller of people and their life’s, you think about Stalin, but, unfortunately, you lately get to think about not just former, but current presidents and leaders of some countries as well.

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The countries that precede in dictatorships are African and Asian countries. Although the Asian countries are very well technologically developed, when it comes to the nation by itself, it is still way behind the European and American countries.

Even though we have known it for years, the fact that some Asian countries, especially China, are forbidding families to have more than one child, this is not the only thing that makes China one of the 15 countries with dictatorships today, especially under the leadership of Xi Jinping, better known as the ‘Paramount Leader’. As for the record, each kind of freedom of speech isn’t recognizable in China, especially the freedom of media. Everyone who shows some disrespect of the system is soon to be punished and the only way to find out the real deals in China is to enter it as a tourist and try to convince some of the citizens to admit the real condition in the country. Although it isn’t the worse country when it comes to dictatorship, other countries at least have the access to foreign media when they can inform themselves better about the situation of their country, but not China. Their TV and Internet are strictly censored and highly monitored. The way I see it, the escape is the only answer here until the nation decides to rise from the ashes and go against the government. But this doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. The more shocking fact is that China still isn’t the worse country when it comes to dictatorships. What do you think that happened to Russia since Vladimir Putin came to the throne of the country? Or, even worse, when Kim Jong-un got to be the head of North Korea? You see the news reports all the time, but the things you are hearing about are nothing in comparison to the things that their citizens experience each day.

For more detailed information, let’s proceed to the original article referring 15 countries with dictatorships today (or on their way to dictatorships).

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