16 Best True Crime Documentaries on Netflix

If you are finally done with CSI: Whichever major city, it is time for you to see 16 best true crime documentaries on Netflix.

People like mysteries, especially if they are based on true events, which is why the true crime documentaries are so popular. They like looking into the past and see what the real people are capable of and prefer it over the stories written based on someone’s imagination.

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While making the movie, some movie makers take years off to find out all the evidence and recorded stories about the victims, criminals, and particular events. Some of those movies are the pure reconstructions, while the others are mixed of police recorded videos, testimonies of people involved with either particular crime or the investigation of the crime, and experts in criminology, psychology, or similar professions. The audience is only allowed to see the clues in order and the time that was found in a real life, as well as the conclusions, arrests, and trials, and they are following the whole process of investigations with the eyes of witnesses and people of law and order. Like in a real life, they get the conclusion and resolvement of the crime, while there are documentaries that are recorded based on the crimes that are still not resolved. Like the criminals aren’t caught in a real life, documentaries are also finished off and released without the solution.

On the other hand, there are still ’true crime movies directors’ that allow themselves to leave something to their own imagination. They believe that they are entitled of mixing the evidence, fill the holes in certain stories, and even resolve the crimes the way they like it. This isn’t the problem that only true crime documentaries face. The whole documentaries industry tries its best to forbid and avoid releasing of movies that aren’t done based on the complete truth because it makes the wider audience mistrust towards this industry. But who can stop them? Of course, governments are too busy resolving bigger issues such as national conflicts, unemployment, hunger, economy, ecology, infrastructure etc to take some time off discussing the movie making industry.
If the sex scenes are still not censured enough and practically available for underaged people, how could they stop them with trashing the history? But there would always be people that will publically speaking against these kinds of movies and the researchers that will bring forward proofs of each mistake made in the certain movie.

The defense these movie makers make is that they make movies for entertaining people. I believe that the phrase they wanted to use instead was ’for making money’, but this doesn’t make it right.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t watch true crime documentaries just for fun, but for getting all the information about the certain crime at one place, there are true crime documentaries on Netflix waiting for you to watch them. I assure you that they are worth spending some time in front of your screens. Click on the are 16 best true crime documentaries on Netflix and enjoy!

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