20 Most Evil Nazis Ever

Whenever we say Nazi German, we immediately think of Adolf Hitler and Swastica, but only one man wasn’t enough to bring such a big misery to the world, which is why we researched for the 20 most evil Nazis ever that, led by Hitler, were a large part of more than 60 million deaths and numerous wounded people during the World War II.

Unlike other leaders of the countries, Hitler didn’t have that many years of experience in politics. After all, his dream was to become a famous artist, whose paintings would decorate the most respectful galleries in the world, but it seems that something stronger than us had a different plan for him. No matter how many times he tried, he failed in his, as he thought at the beginning, true calling. Luckily for him and unfortunately for the whole nations and civils, he found another calling that made his name worldwide known very soon.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But how did one, simple, failed artist, manage to turn the entire nation against everything he hated? His parents didn’t have any influence or wealth. He didn’t marry rich. He was never a respectful politician. He was never a distinguished soldier. As funny and impossible as it seems, but he had marvelous speech skills.

Although his genocides are worldwide known and his name is pronounced with a large amount of hate because of his deeds, his recorded and written speeches are still used as the perfect example of rhetoric and it is widely used for analysis and the subject of rhetorics both in high schools and colleges. He had an attitude. He had strong words. He knew how to speak clearly. He knew when to raise his voice. He knew how to stand. He knew what people wanted and needed to hear. Unfortunately, he used it for the bad cause and it led to him becoming the most fearless person in the world until his time.

His people didn’t fight for freedom. His people didn’t fight for his right. His people didn’t even fight for conquering. His people only took the ones that Hitler hated, captured them, tortured, used them as slaves until they were too weak for labor and, at the end, there were gas chambers waiting for hundreds of people at the same time. There wasn’t really a way to escape them. There were only a few people in this world that managed to hide during all those years. Of course, they needed some help for doing it and the ones that would be caught helping them were called traitors and their punishments were cruel. The majority of them were tortured until they confessed everything and told the names and uncover all the places they have hidden people that Nazis were looking for. And the Nazis looked for many people. Whether they were homosexuals, disabled people, rebellions, and especially Jews.

Although Hitler pulled all the strings, he couldn’t be at the dozen places at the same time, which is why he had his most loyal people took over. And although Adolf Hitler would always be remembered as the cruelest person ever lived, his followers weren’t so innocent either. And who were they? The 20 most evil Nazis ever!

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