5 Best Dividend Stocks with Upside Potential

In this article, we are going to lead you into the world of the 5 best dividend stocks with upside potential. What are dividend stocks? Actually, they are companies that pay our regular dividends. The Federal Reserve keeps the interest rates low in order to help the US economy to recover after the coronavirus pandemic hit the world economy.

So what are the best dividend stocks with upside potential? Keep up reading, as we are going to show you two of Insider Monkey’s entire article. At first, here’s JP Morgan Chase and Co. with 118 hedge funds, and a total value of hedge fund holdings of  $6.05 Billion. Amazon-Berkshire-JP Morgan venture was disbanded recently. Nevertheless, these companies will continue co-operating informally in the future, too. The Haven team operates in developing a variety of healthcare solutions, and also tries to create new ways for insurance benefits and prescription drugs. Andreas Halvorsen’s Viking Global is the top hedge fund holder with having invested around $900 million at the end of the third quarter of 2020. The stock has seen 43% up since the end of September. JP Morgan offers  a 2.65% annual dividend yield. VLTAVA Fund bought stock at the end of the third quarter, as this stock did well even in the recession of 2008. Apple, Inc. stands on the second spot with 134 hedge funds, and a total value of hedge fund holdings of  $127.3 Billion. Apple is a leading technology provider in computing, telecommunications and services. According to Insider Monkey, “the company recently reported that they have exceeded their internal financial targets in the past fiscal year, resulting in the company paying out 179% of the targeted bonuses for named officers.” At the at of the third quarter, Apple reported its revenues up 11% to  $60 billion and EPS up 18% to $2.58. Apple is expected to remain one of the best positioned, most lucrative and most  innovative companies in the world. For more detailed information about the best dividend stocks with upside potential, please click and see the entire article.

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