5 Best Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Buy

This time we are going to read about the best robotics and artificial intelligence stocks to buy today. Insider Monkey’s latest article takes you to the world of the artificial intelligence and their stocks. This year has been such a difficult and hard one that the mankind hasn’t learnt for one hundred years, when the Spanish flu swept across the globe resulting millions of deaths. As of 2020, we saw lots of tears, coffins, mourning people, lack of necessarities and unprecedented industrial lockdown. Not only did we have to live under self-isolation, but we had cope with millions of our fellow-creatures lost their jobs and have had to survive on the living wage or less.

Under these circumstances it’s understandable that the COVID-19 pandemic made its negative impacts on the stock markets as well. Therefore it’s very dificcult to find stocks that were not negatively affected by all those lockdowns we mentined above. Yet, we have good news for you, as technology is more important now than ever, since we could se we could arrange our everyday life via internet. In this environment it seems to be obvious that the value of technology stocks haven’t stopped increasing. We are at the doorstep of a total new age of mankind, and the technology developments and inventions show us what kind of future awaits us: self-driving cars, spreading of the artificial intellingence. And now, let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for you about the best robotics stocks.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is in the top five on the list. Actually it got the fourth spot among the 800+ hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey. By the end of the first term there were total of 63 hedge funds with bulish Tesla bets. JD.com (NASDAQ:JD) deserved the third spot on Insider Monkey’s compilation. It’s a Chinese company that concentrates on cutting edge artificial intelligence research. They focus on natural language processing, speech recognition, and deep learning. If you are interested in further useful information, please click to best robotics and artificial intelligence stocks to buy today.

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