5 Hands On Pizza Making Classes For Couples and Groups in NYC

Let’s share some slices on 5 hands on pizza making classes for couples and groups in NYC

Which pizza flavor is your favorite? Are you more of a traditional pizza person, capriccioso person…? Or maybe even veggie pizza person? Stop laughing, it is a thing! At least in my town. The only similarity between regular pizza and this veggie pizza is that both of them are crispy and that’s all. The veggie one is green in every sense and it is kind of creepy to look at it. I was never brave enough to order it because I think that I would throw up the whole night.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But this post is not about making you sick, but about presenting the best pizza making classes for two people or more in New York City. The only thing better than eating pizza is making it, eating some extra ingredients when no one is looking, and eating it with your friends. And like every other dish is an art, pizza is too and it is one of the main things that makes Italian chefs proud of themselves. So like there are sushi making classes, pasta making classes, that’s how there are pizza making classes as well. Of course, every best class is placed in New York City and so are the ones I am about to give a link to you. Just to be clear, these are not the only ones pizza making classes in NYC that are worth trying out. There are a lot more out there that you can attend on your own and maybe a few more for the groups that we didn’t mention, but the ones that I want to talk about now are really eye-catching and unique. For example, Pizza Making 101 @ WILD is actually a vegan pizza making and the story about the initial idea is pretty interesting. You see, when Miki Agrawal discovered that she was intolerant to most of the food additives that are used during the preparation of every pizza, she decided not to give up on her favorite mean, which is why she invented new pizza flavors on her own. Later on, she realized that this was a perfect way to make some money and also teach other people who weren’t innovative enough to try out on their own, but had the same issue as her. Of course, no list of cooking classes can be made properly if it doesn’t include the Institute of Culinary Education and Taste Buds Kitchen. So take a look at the full list of 5 hands on pizza making classes for couples and groups in NYC and find the one that it would be perfect for you and your crowd!

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