7 Most Racist Countries in Latin America

The US is not the only country where the racism rules, which is why we decided to discover something about the 7 most racist countries in Latin America.

No matter how much we try to spread the equality, we still make judgments on people based on their financial situation, level of education, gender, and the color of their skin. No matter how open-minded we say we are and how socially developed countries we live in are, it seems that this problem won’t disappear anytime soon.

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Society teaches us from the earliest age that nobody is equal. But, instead of teaching us that each person is individual and all of us have our flaws, wishes, and fears, it teaches all generations that the whole world is compiled from the certain groups and each of these groups have its own characteristics, which should make us admire them, fear of them, love them, hate them, or undermine them.

Racism has been among us for centuries. At the beginning, white-skinned people considered themselves the only noble race and that all others are meant just to serve them. This wouldn’t be such a big issue if they didn’t use other people as slaves. While some of them were lucky enough to be used for working in kitchens, being nannies, or teachers, some of them faced the cruel destinies of being treated like the dogs for hunts, pillows to fight for their masters, forced to a labor, used as prostitutes, being beaten up each day, or being sold like meat.

Although now all people have the status of free men, it doesn’t mean that all of them still enjoy all the benefits like the rest of the nations. They don’t get the higher job positions even though many of them are qualified enough, they don’t get the same treatment in public facilities, and even civilians have the problem with having some person of a different race living somewhere near him.

To compile this list, Insider Monkey took the look into World Values Survey’s report and took the data from 2014 where people all around the world were asked for their opinion of foreign people living near them. Surprisingly, even the countries in Latin America were ranked high on this list, including Mexico. Someone would say that due to all the issues Mexican people face in the US, and all the emigration from there in order to find the better life, they would be more open-minded when it comes to welcoming foreigners. Instead, 10.2% of Mexican citizens responded that they wouldn’t like having foreigners in their neighborhood.

Now, let’s see the whole list of 7 most racist countries in Latin America by Insider Monkey.

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