Best Stock Picks Of John Paulson

Paulson & Co of billionaire John Paulson is popular for investing event-driven, merger arbitrage, and other distressed assets. Before starting Paulson & CO, John Paulson was working as a managing director of acquisitions and mergers at Bear Stearns. He studied in Harvard Business School for completing his MBA degree in the year 1980. Insider Monkey in a post has shared the following interesting facts about John Paulson’s hedge fund:

“John Paulson seeks to invest for the long-term, with the average time held for the top ten stock stands around 10 quarters. The healthcare sector accounts for 44% of the overall portfolio, thanks to big stakes in Horizon Therapeutics and Bausch Health Companies. Investments in the basic material sector account for 24% of the 13F portfolio while communication services weighting stands just over 9%. Paulson & Co has also diversified its portfolio towards financial services, consumer cyclical, and real estate sectors.”

Let’s begging with the Best stock picks of John Paulson. The first company on our list is Viatris Inc. This company was started due to the merger of Pfizer and Mylan and is considered as the 8th biggest stoke holding in the stock portfolio of Paulson. Even before the agreement, the hedge fund of Paulson was the shareholder of Mylan. A share price rally of a high level was experienced in December and Viatris’ shares plunged in the year 2021 because of delays in dividend announcement and conservative outlook. The year 2021 is termed as trough by the management with an expectation of the flat level of revenues. The company is also planning to start dividends in the 2nd half of the year 2021. 

The next company we are going to review is Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. In the past 12 months, the shares of TAK fell by 12%. Paulson & Co. company has shares of Takes since the year 2019. This is regarded as the 6th biggest stock holding in the stock portfolio of Paulson and it accounts for around 6.28% of the stock portfolio. Although, the stock performance is relatively slow, still a5% dividend yield is offered by the company. Furthermore, the company is expecting to hit revenues of $50 billion by the year 2030 which would be 50% more than the revenues in 2019. The company will launch Wave 1 pipeline which contains 12 molecules and this will assist the company in generating the expected revenues. At present, TAK is working on assets divestiture program for the purpose of streamlining business activities in line with the future strategies. You can read more about Billionaire John Paulson’s Top 10 Stock Picks here. 

assets divestiture program

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