Top 10 E-commerce Stocks To Buy

This year 2020 is popular as the year of COVID-19 pandemic when “WHF” and “Social Distancing” appear to be common parlance. But this year is considered as a game-changing year for the businesses operating in e-commerce stocks. For the majority of us, e-commerce has been turned by Coronavirus as a convenience to basic necessity and changed the way of conducting business, how firms are operating, and who we shop. In 2019, online sales for the US are 16% of total spending and the total revenues increase from $461 to $602 billion. This trend will continue further in the future. As people do online shopping only for basic necessities, but now this trend is changing as people are spending more time at home. Businesses and customers at present are familiar with different household names such as Shopify and Amazon. These big companies have gained huge benefits from this recent situation. People are working and staying at home for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. As shopping malls and retail locations are functioning in minimal capacity during the pandemic, therefore, this is expected that most online shopping is preferred by customers Therefore, we are going to share top 10 e-commerce stocks to buy as reviewed by Insider Monkey. 

Wayfair, Inc. is on the top of the list containing the best e-commerce stocks to buy. Formerly, this company was known as CSN. This e-commerce company is engaged in the sale of home goods and furniture. Wayfair permits the customers to search for furniture such as dining, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc through its digital platform. The total revenues of the company in Q3 were $3.84 billion. Another best e-commerce stock company shared by Insider Monkey is Qurate Retail which is serving worldwide customers and is an American media conglomerate. Different e-commerce services are offered by this company. The key focus of the company is on digital and video e-commerce through mobile apps, social media, and websites. The total revenues of the company during Q3 were around $3.4 million. Another company on the list is Angi Homeservices, Inc. which is operating in the digital marketplace and serving worldwide customers. The key focus of the company is on home improvement; connecting home services professionals with homeowners. For more details, please head to 15 Best E-Commerce Stocks To Buy Now.

Top 10 e-commerce stocks to buy

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