Top 10 Silver Stocks To Purchase In 2021

Silver is a precious and important metal. Unlike gold, almost the majority of the demand for silver is coming from the industrial field. Silver is considered as the best thermal and electrical conductor of different metals that make it worthy for different electrical applications. Amongst many, one industrial demand drivers contain the rapid-pace solar energy sector that is using 2/3rd of a silver ounce in each solar panel. Along with demand in industries, silver is also valuable for investors as it shares the majority of the investment traits similar to that of gold. This metal could serve as a hedge against economic downturn and inflation. 

Provided such characteristics, the majority of investors opt to purchase physical silver, such as bars and coins, to take advantage of the possible price gains. That option, however, contains some negative points, comprising possession, storage, as well as insurance costs. Resultantly, the majority of investors are selecting to make investments in silver. Although such options also contain some disadvantages, but some positive points are also there comprising the capacity to outperform the silver price in the majority of cases. In the metals industry, most of the companies are mining silver. However, some companies are generating a huge sum of their organizational revenues from this metal as the majority of companies are concentrating on gold along with other types of industrial metal. While this is limiting the investment ratio, some publicly traded options are also there for those who are looking for silver exposure. Now, let’s start with the list of Top 10 Silver Stocks To Purchase In 2021 as reviewed by Insider Monkey.

The first company on our list is Hecla Mining Co which is considered as the biggest primary producer of silver in the USA and its mines are present in North America. This firm is famous for its Silver Valley present in Idaho. According to the report of Insider Mokey:

“The top hedge fund holder is Jim Simon’s Renaissance Technologies with more than $14 million invested in the stock at the end of September. During the third quarter  Hecla reported cash and cash equivalents of approximately $97 million. The strong operating performance was from an increase in silver production and managing all mines during the recent pandemic.”

The next company on the list is McEwen Mining Inc which is the diversified silver and gold explorer and producer with mines present in Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and Nevada. Huge copper deposits are also owned by this company in Argentina. Do you want to know more interesting facts and figures about McEwen Mining Inc. and others? Please jump directly to 12 Best Silver Stocks to Buy Now.

Top 10 Silver Stocks To Purchase In 2021

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