Top 10 Water ETFs And Stocks In 2021

With the growth in population and cities, businesses and government will need ample water storage, drinking water, and wastewater services of the efficient level. This content is based on the research done by Insider Monkey about the 10 best Water Stocks. McKinsey report was shared by Insider Monkey according to which, minimum of $3.7 trillion of investment is required until 2035 for supporting the expected rate of growth of cities. The majority of these investments belong to the utility industry whereby the key gainers are wastewater. This water sector also possesses high space for growth and innovation. Governments required the latest technologies for extracting, discovering, purifying as well as delivering pure water. This has been reported by Barclays that when the entire globe is moving to ‘smart cities’ the opportunities of investment in the waste as well as water management areas such as predictive planning and maintenance, and leakage detection would grow. According to Insider Monkey’s findings:

Water companies are already investing to meet the demand and needs of the future. American Water Works announced in its 2017 annual report that it has a three-year technology and innovation plan to use artificial intelligence to better serve its customers. While announcing the company’s 10-year capital spending plan in December 2019, American Water Works CEO Susan Story said that the integration of artificial intelligence and technology into operations will increase water quality and service.

Now I am going to share the list of Top 10 Water ETFs And Stocks In 2021 as reviewed by Insider Monkey. Essential Utilities Inc is on 10 positions in our list of Top 10 Water ETFs and Stocks in 2021. This company is providing wastewater treatment and drinking water infrastructure as well as services, serving around more than 5 million individuals in 10 different states under its particular Aqua and Peoples brands. The non-GAAP EPS guidance has been reaffirmed by Essential Utilities for 2020. This is expected by the company that this number will increase or go at top of the particular guidance range.  During the month of December 2020, the subsidiary of Essential Utilities, Aqua Pennsylvania purchased New Garden Township’s wastewater assets. 

Next waster ETF and stock on the list is First Trust Water ETF which is engaged in tracking important and major water stocks and utility stocks, including Xylem Inc., Advanced Drainage Systems Inc., IDEXX laboratories, and Algonquin Power & Utilities. The trading of the ETF was done in February 1st, 2021 at $72. This is not the end, if you’re interested in learning more about Essential Utilities and First Trust Water ETF along with some other water stocks on the list, then read 10 Best Water Stocks and ETFs to Buy in 2021.

Top 10 Water ETFs And Stocks In 2021
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