Top 5 High Dividend Stocks To Buy Now

Are you planning to invest in stocks? Great! We are here to help you, as today we are going to take a look at the high dividend stocks to buy now published by Insider Monkey recently. Due to the pandemic of 2020 and its many impacts on world economy, we have to understand that a low interest rate environement will haunt our investments for quite a long time.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, we can see the United States is one of those countries that have the highest debts to GDP ratios, and accoridng to Insider Monkey’s account, Federal Reserve will keep the interest rates as low as it can. Therefore, those retirees who relied on low risk, long-term government bond yields made wise steps this spring when they got out, since these bonds are surely to deliver below inflation returns at least in the next years. That’s why Insider Monkey decided to show you the best high dividend stocks to buy presently. If you invest your income, you don’t have too many options, though. However investing in high dividend stocks has its special risks, as their stock prices can be low because of their structures – consequently they can easily end up in bankcruptsy, we learnt from Insider Monkey’s article. So, if you are are planning to invest dividend stocks, you need to be aware of these risks, and have to think everything carefully.

And now, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has investigated for you! Exxon Mobil Corporation stands on the fourth spot on the compilaton. Exxon is among the largest oil producer companies in the world. This year we could see a tremendous drop of their shares, from above $70 early in 2020 to under $33. Now its annualized dividend yield is around 11%. AT&T Inc is on the second place of the list as it trades their stocks under $27 and offers an annualized dividend yield of 7.85%. For more useful advice, please jump to best high dividend stocks to buy now.

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