Top Defense Stocks To Buy

The industry of defense is amongst the evergreen industries to make investments in due to the evolving techniques of warfare which results in maximizing the demand for defense tools. According to some reports, the defense budget of the USA will become $716.2 billion during the FY2021. This is expected that the defense sector will experience huge growth after the arrival of the new president, Joe Biden, in White House. The reason is that Joe Biden is a staunch supporter of the supremacy of the USA on a global level, particularly against Russia and China. He is supporting to make high-level investments in futuristic weapons and growing warfare trends rather than making traditional weapons. The Defence stocks are usually recession-free particularly due to the capability of the government to make bill payments even during the time of crises. As the government of the USA is looking for getting rid of the cold war remnants along with upgradings its weapons to compete with Russia and China, therefore, the defense stocks will constantly grow this year and beyond. In this article, you will get details about top defense stocks to buy in accordance with the list shared by Insider Monkey. 

In the list of top defense stocks to buy, Leidos Holdings Inc. is in 10th position. This firm is offering IT, aviation, technical and integration services to the defense industry. The company has made the acquisition of 1901 Group which is the cloud service provider, for around $215 million. Around $306 million have been won by Leidos in October through a contract by Redstone Arsenal. The firm will offer flight and ground operation-related services for the particular Saturn Arch aircraft. Around 25 hedge funds are showing bullish behavior for this stock in Q3 while these were 35 in Q2. 

In the list of top defense stocks to buy, HII is in 9th place. Huntington Ingalls Industries is a Virginia-based biggest shipbuilding firm of the country, which was developed in 2011 due to the spinoff of Northrop Grumman. The company, in November, has gained a contract modification of $2.2 billion from General Dynamics Electric Boat. The contract was for the construction of the 2 submarines. This was expected that the revenues of the company will reduce to a great level during 2020. 

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Top Defense Stocks To Buy

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