10 Biggest Companies That Do Not Drug Test

There are 10 biggest companies that do not drug test because they believe that it is the violation of their employee’s privacy and personal space and, surprisingly, all of them are the biggest American corporations all headquartered in the US.

Why did I say surprisingly? Although the US doesn’t have some strict law against or pro drug test in companies, the US is still ranked first among countries that do drug test with having over 50% of companies requiring pre-employment drug testing. On the other hand, Canada as well as Europe, have the greater policy politics when it comes to employment and, having that said, it is important to mention that even China and India have a higher tolerance when it comes to drug testing.

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Giving the fact that marijuana is legalized in many countries so far, men would say that making the potential employee do the test that is rather expensive doesn’t make any sense. But, on the other hand, people’s applications get refused just because they have children and prefer family life over being stuck in an office 12 hours per a day. And no one can blame the employer for his decision. He knows what kind of people he wants in his order and no one can argue that. There isn’t and there shouldn’t be the law against it.

Working under the influence of drugs can be both fatal and productive to the company, depending on the circumstances. There are people that work better after having a smoke or a happy pill and their productivity jumps enormously within a second. People that work in the creative environment don’t mind having their employee relax every now and then. But, on the other hand, one of those employees can be fatal for the company. it is like consuming the alcohol. People sometimes become unaware of what they are doing and what’s wrong and what is right to be done. This is why they can misbehave in front of the customer or they can even forget their skills and ruin some product. We already talked about 10 biggest companies that drug test and saw their reasons, but let’s see why some employers don’t even consider making their employees be tested.

But it seems that some companies are willing to take that risk and maybe because of that their revenue is rising every day. Personally, I don’t mind knowing that there is a junkie hood in Apple or QUALCOMM. If that is what it takes to be that creative and invent the impossible, so be it. But, honestly, I would really argue freedom that Whole Food Market, Inc, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc, and Starbucks Corporation gives to its employees. Ok, prescription pills are all right, I can understand it. Marijuana is legalized, I get it too. But these tests are analyzing more serious and harmful drugs. I don’t want somebody who just had his hands on meth serving my food or drinks.

All of these companies that refuse to make their employees drug test have between $9.78 billion and $823.13 billion Market Cap Value, so they must be doing something right. Besides, who am I to tell anyone how to run their business? Our job is to write and only write. So I did. And here are 10 biggest companies that do not drug test that a colleague of mine did recently. It might surprise you which names you will find.

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