10 Biggest Companies That Drug Test

The 10 biggest companies that drug test are among the largest companies in the world that enjoy the highest respect among people, and, obviously, want to keep it that way.

Some people see the drug testing as the violation of employee’s privacy, and that, if they work hard and show results, that should be enough for their employers. But even so, if you had a company that is running for quite some time, would you like someone showing up at work high? I don’t think so. Showing up at work high is like showing up at work drunk. If you don’t approve it, how could you approve consuming the marijuana or even harder drugs?

Pixabay/Public Domain

Just because there are records of artists working high or drunk and creating masterpieces under those conditions, it doesn’t mean that people working in big corporations are entitled to it as well. You have to know the difference. Artists are working only for themselves and no one cares how they do it. They are entitled to set their own terms, unlike you, who are working for someone.

If every company in the world had only one drug addict in their working force, how many of them would survive? I’ll tell you how many. None! People like hiring professionals and loyal people and no one has ever trusted a junkie. And no one can actually blame them. Being under the influence of drugs isn’t a felony, but it looks bad for the company. This is why the practice of drug testing becomes rise every day and, according to the Statistic Brain, around 56% of the US employers require a drug test before they sign the contract with the new employee, while the private owners are still on $29%.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2014 9.1 million urine samples were conducted by Quest Diagnostics Inc with 3.9% of the results came back positive. Although marijuana is one of the least addictive drugs, it can be found in the urine even after 2 months from consuming, especially when it comes to formally heavy users, and, this time, it was detected in 2% of the tests. Amphetamines, prescription opiates, and meth, on the other hand, were found in around 1% of the samples, but what is the most surprising is that 0.85% were meth, which lasts less than 72 hours. You see now why drug tests are important for each company? Now, let’s find out what are the 10 biggest companies that drug test.

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